What better way to prepare for your Leaving Cert French exam than using past exam papers and Leaving Cert French notes?

Our Leaving Cert French courses offer you sample answers to all of the past essay questions on the French exam papers and mock exam papers. In addition to your Leaving Cert French notes, when you watch our video tutorials, you will hear the essay read by a native French speaker, which will improve your listening skills. Remember, listening is worth 20% of your higher-level French result!

Preparing for your Leaving Cert French exams is easier with ExamCast. Here, you can access the Leaving Cert revision notes, study materials and French sample essays you need. On top of great French revision notes, we also give you real past exam papers complete with sample answers and full explanations.

Studying for your exams is easier with Leaving Cert French notes and exam paper sample answers

We also provide sample answers to all past Leaving Cert French exam diary entry questions, in addition to many other sample questions and answers. On each video, you will hear a native French speaker read the journal in-time with the question.

To help you to prepare and revise for your Leaving Cert French reading comprehension section (worth 30% of overall mark), our video tutorials take you through each comprehension sentence by sentence. As you watch the tutorial video, you will be filling in your Leaving Cert study notes. We have designed your Leaving Cert French notes to allow you to build up your library of revision guides as you work through the videos. You will have access to Leaving Cert French exam marking schemes or you can watch a video to correct your work. 

In addition to our heavily exam focused materials, we also offer a French grammar course, which covers all the tenses that you need to learn and recognise for Leaving Certificate French. We also have a Leaving Cert French verb course, where you have access to 205 verbs, regular and irregular in all tenses. This course will not only set you up for Leaving Certificate French alone, it will take you right through to third-level, should you decide to study French in college. We also offer an accompanying course to show you how to use these verbs. Our vocabulary course is invaluable for all aspects of your Leaving Cert French and will help you to prepare for the listening comprehension, reading comprehension, oral and written sections.

When you watch our tutorial videos, you hear native French speakers, with the explanations given by experienced French teachers.