Returning to Secondary School

Returning to Secondary School – Tips from ExamCast

Students from all over the Country will be returning to Secondary School over the next week or so. Given the ongoing threat of Covid, students will also have to deal with new School rules along with the usual changes to routine, new teachers, classrooms and in some cases new classmates and even Schools.

Here are 5 tips for Parents to Make Their Child’s Transition Back to Post Primary School Less Stressful:

  1. Ask your child how they feel about returning to School: Due to the ongoing pandemic students these days may be more anxious than previous generations about returning to School. It is important that you encourage your child to discuss their feelings. If they feel worried or anxious, advise them their teachers and you are there to support them.
  2. Change affects everybody differently: The first few weeks back to school can be daunting for many students. Having new teachers, classrooms, dealing with more responsibility and study can take its toll on some while other children have the ability to accept change much more readily. No matter what category your child falls in to encourage good sleeping, eating and drinking habits as it is essential to keeping them energized throughout the day.
  3. Know the new rules: As mentioned previously, Covid has put a bit of extra pressure not just on children but also parents in terms of returning to School. Make sure both you and they fully understand the rules and regulations your School has put in place such as mask-wearing, hand-washing routines, drop-off/collection points and so forth. If you and your child know what is expected of them the return to School will be made much easier.
  4. Exam years: If your child is returning to an Exam Year there will be added pressure. Try and get them in to study routine from the start. Check out our blog post on ‘How to Create an Effective Study Plan’ for further advice on this matter.
  5. Stay informed: If you are concerned about their School work, behavior or any other issue contact their School or teacher. Keeping informed and up to date is key. Given the ongoing situation with Covid and the changes they are experiencing at the start of their School year it is likely a lot of students may find the first few weeks a bit stressful.

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