Junior Cert French notes - prepare to excel in Junior Cert French exams with study guides, notes, courses and more

While waiting for the publication of the new format Junior Certificate French exam paper, we have prepared lots of Junior Cert study notes and revision materials. With ExamCast, you have access to all of the revision notes that you need to help you prepare for your Junior Cert French exams. Our French vocabulary course has been written with the new Junior Certificate specification in mind. We have prepared vocabulary guides and exercises for an exceptionally broad range of topics, ranging from numbers, to technology, to family, to hobbies, to buildings. Each Junior Cert French topic has a vocabulary study guide, and lots of reading comprehension exercises. To help improve listening comprehension (which is 35% of overall marks for the new model examination), all of the French that you hear on our tutorial videos is read by a native French speaker.

So much more than just Junior Cert French notes

We also offer a French grammar course for Junior Certificate students, which covers all the tenses that you need to learn and recognise for Junior Certificate French. We also have a verb course, where you have access to 83 verbs, regular and irregular in all tenses. Not only will this course set you up for Junior Certificate French, it will lay down an excellent foundation for Leaving Certificate. We also offer an accompanying course to show you how to use these verbs.